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Updates from DI!! Sneak Peak of 2021-2022 Challenges

It's been a while! We understand that this school year has been, well... A LOT! And we don’t blame you for wanting to take this Challenge season off from Destination Imagination. After all, for many participants, both young and old, the magic of DI lies in the in-person interactions between team members and the excitement of live tournaments. Without that magic AND faced with constantly changing public health measures, many people like yourself chose to sit this year out. We get it. But we also get that after the year we’ve all had, kids (and adults) are going to need DI more than ever. The collaboration and connectedness that DI promotes can do a lot to counteract the effects of countless hours of virtual learning and social isolation. That’s why we are super excited to announce that we are planning a 100% in-person Challenge season for 2021-22. In fact, we’ve already posted the Sneak Peeks to next year’s Team Challenges on our website.

View Challenge Sneak Peeks

And right now, we have some planning steps you can take to get ready for next season. So dust off those cobwebs and let’s get those kids’ gears turning again! Start planning now so you’re ready when Team Numbers go on sale August 1 and full Challenges drop September 1.

Plan Your Team

In the meantime, we’ll be in touch with more details about next season to help you plan.

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